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Jason Rowe / Dagmar Cee


Open evening and weekend 5Rhythms Waves/Heartbeat workshop

„Don’t be afraid to show your light…if it ends up being too much for people tell them to wear sunglasses!“
Gabrielle Roth

The transition of seasons from Summer to Autumn provides us with the opportunity to attune to the full ripening of nature and reminds us of our own inner abundance.

In this dance we awaken our instincts and can face prevailing enquiries in our full power.

Am I more afraid of success than failure?
Do I honour the consequences of expressing the truth of my beating heart?
Can I let go of the obstacles, real or imagined, on my path?

Moving through these stages we taste the sweetness and vibrancy of our lives and have the resource to be in support of those around us.

Come join us for a weekend of movement using the maps of the 5Rhythms practice, both Waves and Heartbeat, as our guide to be at ease and in comfort of our natural brilliance.

Has your natural inner abundance had a chance to rise?
(Sunglasses not required 😉 )


The practice is as simple as it is deep. It’s formless form provides us a wonderful balance between sufficient structure and enough ample freedom to let our bodies and hearts find their very own dance.

In this dance our truth and our essence reveal themselves. When the head becomes still, the body takes the lead and a vast world of experiences opens up for us.

What we need is curiosity, the willingness to ask questions and the courage to get involved commit.


Workshop will be led in English with translation into Czech.


Friday 23.09.2022
18:00 – 21:00


Saturday 24.09.2022
11:00 – 18:00

Sunday 25.09.2022
10:00 – 17:00


Prague, Czech Republic

Polská 1
Tj Sokol Vinohrady
3th floor


Open evening + Workshop

148,- EUR / 116,- GBP till 29.07.2022

163,- EUR / 129,- GBP till 02.09.2022

180,- EUR / 145,- GBP after 02.09.2022

only Workshop
140,- EUR/ 109,- GBP till 29.07.2022
155,- EUR/ 122,- GBP till 02.09.2022
175,- EUR/ 139,- GBP after 02.09.

only Open evening
16,- EUR/ 14,- GBP till 29.07.2021
18,- EUR/ 15,- GBP till 02.09.2021
22,- EUR/ 18,- GBP after 02.09.


Your reservation will be confirmed after filling in registration form and deposit payment.


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Trained and authorized by Gabrielle Roth she has been teaching and organising  the 5Rhythms® internationally since 2005 on the Waves and since 2010 on the Heartbeat level. Her background is photography and Media Art.

The 5Rhythms® are my medicine – a meditation that navigates me through times when I forget who I really am. That leaves me as a compassionate being connecting body, mind and heart and quietening my chattering ego. I love to share my medicine and my own research with people around the globe.


facebook page | 5Rhytms.com

Jason fell in love with the 5Rhythms fifteen years ago.

He trained with Gabrielle Roth becoming an Accredited teacher in 2011. He subsequently studied and qualified to teach the Heartbeat map of the practice with Jonathan Horan in 2015.

Jason holds weekly open classes, regular workshops and teaches out in the wider dancing community across the UK and Internationally. He lives in London with his partner, daughter and cat.


Josef Tusa


email@joseftusa.cz | +420 734 547 926 |
profile at 5Rhytms.com

Josef´s 5Rhythms FB group with information about his Sweats and workshops he produce.

(this workshop at 5Rhytms.com & Facebook event)